Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Still pictures, moving pictures and words

Ever think, I deserve something a bit different? Yea, me too. Like most people I know I work hard for my money, and since having kids, I often evaluate so much of what I do, thinking I might be better spending the money or time on them instead of myself. And the little monsters (love 'em) leave very little time to myself and my wife so when we do get to spend our time or money on each other, we want to make it count. Or maybe I'm just getting to be a fuss *ss as I get old, maybe I didn't care when I was younger, maybe a combination of both!

So I thought, well it's probably the same for lots of others, especially when it comes to them thinking, let's have some photographs taken to capture this special time in our life. That's the important bit 'special time in our life'.

Great photographs are a superb way of capturing a specific point in time, only the most outstanding photographs will convey the passage of time and the stories that go with time, or alternatively a series of beautiful photographs. Words and moving pictures however will allow all of this, getting that 'special time in our life' but getting the bigger picture too.

So here I am, moving things along, words and song, moving and still pictures and bringing it all together. I'll be posting some stuff up soon, here is a taster though. This is from a pair of incredible sheep farmers in the Vale of Glamorgan who wanted the insight into their lives recorded for memory.  This is the book about them. The same thing applies to weddings and portraits. As Tony Kluge Photography I focus on words and stills, if you are interested in having the moving pictures too (and you definitely should be!) then please contact me to ask about Gathering Time Pictures.

And here's how it all started; during the (relatively peaceful) period in my life when I only had one child, I undertook some shoots for a charity book (still working on!)  - here's a taster. Thank you to Colin Charvis, Kev Johns and Alan Curtis for their time and willingness!

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