Tuesday, 15 March 2011

As it happens....

I often find myself telling prospective customers about the relaxed approach to photography that we take at weddings ( you may also have seen my WM Magazine ad campaign 'Camera Shy?'). But if I'm honest, I always tend to show what I consider are the technically best shots, which doesn't always back up the claim, as sometimes some of these can be posed (not many mind!). So here's a selection of images that were 100% of the moment, no posing, just as they happened. There's also some more here..

these two just couldn't stop crying!

little tearaway liked his mom's selection of hairpiece
he was so bored, he yawned!
perfect light on the hairspray at bridal preps
kids are usually a doddle to get candid photographs of and bring out the best in the adults too
never seen a dad so proud when his daughter walked in
these guys were 50 going on 15, but  a great laugh

 That's it for this batch - I'll trawl for some more soon.


Luke Stanton said...

some great shots. I think, compositionally, this candid style usually works out for the best. I have a passion for street photography so love this sort of spontaneous photography.

shabnam said...

Nice photography of nice moments!!!!!